Pro Seekers

Step 1: Brainstorming - What do you want vs. What do you need?​

Our team of trained professionals based in Tel Aviv, New York, and Shanghai will guide you through the brainstorming process, starting with idea sharing and product conceptualization to finalizing materials to be procured.

Step 2: Sourcing - Your ideas, our challenge.

Let’s make your ideas a reality. We will provide reputable trade partners and validate potential suppliers to cater to your product and quantity needs. We ensure efficiency and timeliness in our clients’ supply chains and deliver impeccable and transformative results.

Step 3: Quotations and Sampling

Our partnership with vetted manufacturers in Asia is key to our success. We will negotiate prices on your behalf and help you access the best materials and supplies for your product needs. You will be provided with a sample checking service so you can feel, see, and experience your product in your hands before mass production.  

Step 4: Production and Quality Assurance (QA)

Through live updates on first samples and product development, and closely reviewing product quality, our open line of communication ensures your merchandise meets the product specifications. Feel free to visit the production site at your convenience to see your product in the making.

Step 5: Shipping and Logistics

Our team on the ground will organize the logistics and supplies coordination to ensure your items are shipped, stowed, and received. Here, we will navigate customs clearance and logistics in Asia and to your destination country.

Personal protective equipment

From masks to gloves to test kits, we deal only with level A suppliers.

Accessories & Packaging

Whether a new beauty brush, metal tool, or the latest cosmetic packaging, we produce it all.

Cosmetic packaging

High end packaging to accommodate high end brands

Promotional merchandise

Put your logo on a bag, a hat, a water bottle, or anything in between.


Quality clothing and supplies for your business needs.

Sport & leisure accessories

From professional to amateur sporting equipment, we play at every level.

Hospitality products

All ranges of products for the best in Hotel housekeeping.

Fashion accessories

Any and all things that complete an outfit.